• Monthly Motor

    Monthly Motor is the largest selling authoritative and independent motoring magazine in the region. Editorial content carries reviews on new cars and ownership, financing, insurance, maintenance tips as well as relevant features on everything cars. Other columns also include DIYs and Auto Shows.

    It is distributed throughout East Africa by Nation Marketing & Publishing and boasts of a wide readership of about 100,000 people. 85% of the audience reads the magazine each month, 75% of which have been subscribers for over 5 years.

    The magazine has been in circulation for more than 15 years and remains the only independent motoring magazine in the whole of East Africa. The Monthly Motor is also the largest selling specialist male interest magazine in East Africa.

    Monthly Motor
  • Business Monthly

    Business Monthly is East Africa’s premier business news, reports and analysis magazine. This monthly magazine mainly features in-depth perspectives on the region’s Financial Markets, Industries, trends, Technology and people.

    Business people and professionals can always rely on Business Monthly’s insightful content to help them learn more and make critical decisions about their personal investment, careers and business.

    Business Monthly
  • Mum & Dad

    Mum & Dad is the regions authoritative parenting magazine that talks, teaches, entertains, enlightens and connects with the readers in all matters concerning the family. Mum & Dad recognizes the important role parents play in bringing up children regardless of their careers. It equips parents with parenting skills as well as family life management.

    The columns are well thought out and cover all aspect of parenting and family life. The expert opinion and real life experiences cements the authoritative position of the magazine. Mum & Dad Features an array of editorials that the family encounters in everyday life. Stories relating to child development, family health, family finances, family law, family car, as well as well-informed articles on preconception, pregnancy & birth and post conception are only a small portion of the vast information you will find in our magazine.

    Mum & Dad targets all parents, aspiring parents and individuals bent on having successful family life. The timeless editorial content gives it a longer shelf life, and therefore stays relevant years on end.

    Mum & Dad
  • His Magazine

    HM is East Africa’s only man’s magazine published for the sole purpose of serving men. HM provides research based information on the latest technology, offers advice on financial matters, careers, relationships, sex, fashion… you name it! HM also seeks to offer information, knowledge, insight and learning opportunities through the exchange of different opinions, research reports, analysis and features that seek to influence the way a man relates to his woman, his environment and issues regarding his health.

    The ideal HM man is affluent, brand-conscious, sociable, free-spending, pleasure-seeking, active and loyal consumer. He is the liberal educated man and believes in obtaining information to lead a better life. HM targets men in positions of responsibility and entrepreneurs within the formal and informal sectors.

    His Magazine
  • Her Magazine

    HER is a lifestyle magazine for the new generation, confident, media savvy, young, elegant career woman. The magazine focuses on helping readers face life’s complexities and joys with energy, optimism, intelligence and style; the trademark of today’s woman. HER explores the passions and events that shape today’s young woman.

    HER offers a vibrant mix of just-for-her fashion; career development; thoughtful features on marriage, relationships and families; spotlights on maidens of the industry among an array of rich affirming content to keep the young woman connected to the part of herself that belongs to her, and her alone.

    HER is the total life guide for every young woman blazing her own path through adulthood and taking on new roles as a wife, mother, homeowner, businesswoman, without letting go of the unique woman she has worked so hard to become.

    Her Magazine
  • Teens’ Life

    TL, Teens Life, is East Africa’s lifestyle magazine, for teens, by teens. TL is honest, funny, smart, and candid – the key aspects in a close friend. TL is the place you can go to when you want to laugh, get good advice and get the scoop on everything fun and new.

    TL caters for both girls and boys aged 12-19. For girls, TL offers alternative intelligent reading, in contrast to most boy crazed international titles. TL offers thought-provoking, positive solutions on real life topics. For the teenage boy, TL is an alternative to buying adult themed magazines, just to find the information they are seeking, for instance, in motoring, sports, or music.

    Teens’ Life
  • Glamour

    G, for Glamour, magazine is East Africa’s first up market lifestyle magazine that caters for the needs of today’s woman. G inspires women with information on relationships, romance, the latest in fashion and beauty, and the best on women’s health and well-being, and the latest on what’s happening in pop culture and entertainment, both locally and internationally.

    G is eminent for its upbeat style, spot on focus on the young woman, and candid discussions on contemporary male/female relationships.


This Month In Business Monthly

Britam Wins International Award

Britam Wins International Award January 2014 | No Comments »

The London based CFI is a prestigious on line journal reporting on business and finance. CFI awards companies who develop and market business and finance products that truly add value to the consumers. CFI.co. judging panel are also impressed by the...

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Tom Sitati scoops Africa’s Top Brand Leadership Award

Tom Sitati scoops Africa’s Top Brand Leadership Award January 2014 | No Comments »

Tom Sitati, Managing Partner Brand Integrated (centre) receiving his Brand Leadership Award at the 2013 Africa Leadership Awards in Mauritius from Sarat Lallah, the CEO of Maritius Telecom (right) as Ravin Lama, Managing Director of Le Matinal...

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Family Bank Promise Great Upside

Family Bank Promise Great Upside January 2014 | No Comments »

Family Bank, a mid-tier player, which essentially means that it has a market share of less than 5 percent in the Kenyan market, had a total asset base of Sh38 billion as at the end of the third quarter of fiscal year 2013. Family Bank’s profits...

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This Month In Motor Monthly

Cars to watch out for in 2014

Cars to watch out for in 2014 January 2014 | No Comments »

It’s now official, 2013 has been a great motoring year. Why? Because there have been so many numerous new car launches all over the world. Nearly every car manufacturer has something new in their range. From saloons, to crossovers right down to...

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2014 Car Of The Year: All-New Kia Optima

2014 Car Of The Year: All-New Kia Optima January 2014 | No Comments »

Kia has introduced the award-winning Saloon in Kenya through local dealers Marshalls East Africa. The all-new Kia is badged the Optima and returns with improved design, new premium amenities and technological enhancements. The iconic Optima are...

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NEWS – All New Nissan X-Trail – an evolving SUV

NEWS - All New Nissan X-Trail – an evolving SUV January 2014 | No Comments »

The all-new X-Trail SUV is already available at dealers throughout Japan. Targeting young customers who enjoy outdoor sports, the new X-Trail is a continuously evolving authentic SUV. It features the popular ALL MODE 4X4-i system and advanced...

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This Month In Mum and Dad

Are you a good stepparent?

Are you a good stepparent? January 2014 | No Comments »

Well, life is not perfect! And were we able to design our fate in life from the best supermarkets, we would have the perfect lives! But with all its imperfections comes a fulfilling and sometimes trying experiences that we go through, like having to...

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Curves Ahead – The Curvy lady’s style manual

Curves Ahead – The Curvy lady’s style manual January 2014 | No Comments »

Trends come and go. Seasons come to pass. New shops are opened every waking day. But, one worrying thought on every plus size woman’s mind: Can I wear such? Well, as fashion savvy, Tim Gunn, puts it – it’s all about three things: fit,...

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Your New-born’s Umbilical Cord Stump: How to Take Care of it

Your New-born’s Umbilical Cord Stump: How to Take Care of it January 2014 | No Comments »

My friend, Joyce recently gave birth to a healthy baby girl. Being a first time mum, she had no idea how to take care of her little one’s umbilical cord. This however did not put her down. She enlisted the help of her mother, who taught her the...

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